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Sonata for Piano
Sonata for Piano
Composer: Noubar Aslanyan


Serial Number: 2224
Duration: 17 mins
Score Type: Computer Generated

Composition Date: 1993

All compositions with exactly these instruments Instrumentation:

To the first performer Karine Bagdasaryan and to all those who survived that terrible winter of 1992-93 in Armenia.

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Category: My Scores | Added by: Nairi (26.03.10)
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It's a mystery what would pssseos anyone to take the time to come and whine that the content on somebody else's site doesn't conform to their own tastes, but the internet seems to be full of such mysteries. If it does bug you, take it up with the management, if you can.As for the sonata, I really liked the first 3 minutes or so, but then the piano started to dominate without really conveying that much. There was another really good minute starting around 7:00 or so, until right before the funny video edit (what happened there?), and then the piano started doing the bull-in-a-china-cabinet thing again for a couple of minutes. Around minute 10 it started getting better again. I'm not a connaisseur, but despite the good parts, it seemed kinda hectic and disjointed, but not in an enlightening way.Another tip would be just to post the audio file and forget the video. Artists like Lady Gaga need video, and nobody really wants to just listen to them. With this, though, the video is more of a distraction, and I got more from the piece when I left the video running but didn't watch. The cellist sitting down in what appears to be disused yoga gear and the old lady getting up periodically to turn the page of the pianist's sheet music are even a bit visually silly. You're clearly trying to say something with the music, so focus on that. It's not clear that you have anything to say with the video. It seems just to be there as an alibi for Youtube, which is a justification that has nothing to do with art.

Առաջին կատարում՝ Կարինե Բաղդասարյան,Երեւան,Կամերային տուն 1993.04.Հոկտեմբեր,երկրորդ կատարում(բազմիցս)Սվետլանա Էլկուն՝ Իսրայել,երրորդ կատարող Անահիտ Ներսիսյան 19.05.2004,Արամ Խաչատուրյանի Տուն թանգարան:

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